What is 3rd Eye Radio??

I’m glad you asked! We are one of the first music dedicated discord servers. We offer LOADS of genres for you and your friends to jam out to! We also have a public radio that is completely controlled by the public, people can also chat in there. We also have a 24/7 radio with scheduled events and public interaction! Join us today to be apart of the best discord radio station, staying 100% free! Please consider donating if you’d like!



  • Be polite/respectful. Don’t be a shit to someone, and if the staff requests something of you, please listen.

  • Language is fine in #memes (as long as it’s not aimed at someone), but slurs are not, please censor them out of your performances as well.

  • Keep chat and content of chat SFW. This will also include name/avatar/status.

  • Please do not troll/harass/”rate”/speak negatively regarding performances.

  • Please do not record anyone other than yourself without express permission from the user and admins of our server.

  • No advertisements, with the exception of musical or artistic self-promotion. This includes PMs to our users.

  • No ban/mute dodges.

  • Do not needlessly tag or PM staff/users.